The Montanari Marriages #1
Rank: 22905th, it has 80 monthly / 1.5K total views.
Authors: Rebecca winters
Artists: Riho sachimi
Genres: Josei(W) , Drama , Full Color , Harlequin , Romance , Slice of Life
Original language: Japanese
Translated language: English
Read direction: Right to Left
Year of Complete: 2019
Her beloved baby turns out not to belong to her. And her son has been in the care of a billionaire all this time. What is Valentina to do? Valentina holds her newborn son. Though hers wasn’t a planned pregnancy, she’s determined to raise him on her own. But then, several months later, she’s informed that he isn’t her son after all. Apparently, her baby was mixed up with someone else’s at the hospital. The father of the other child, Giovanni, has just gone through a divorce and is also raising his son on his own. When the babies are returned to their biological parents, they won’t stop crying. At a loss and determined to do what’s best for his child, Giovanni suggests to Valentina that they move in together.
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How you cannot fell in love instantly when the other person look so much alike the baby you’re holding and give kisses everyday Tee-hee.. 🤭 If you’re a fan of HQ’s manga since back in the days where on daily basis you will check BT on whether there’s some angel out there posting another HQ or not then 100% you must’ve read this one 😉 Here’s the colored version 💕 And if you’re not Here’s a sweet funny babies stories for you 😘 (L, have you read this one?) 😊 Enjoy Peeps! 😍 The Montanari Marriages Series.. #1 The Billionare’s Baby Swap #2 The Billionaire Who Saw Her Beauty (Rini Story – The Brother) Related Story The Billionaire’s Prize (no manga adaptation – Dea Story – Alessandra’s Twin Sister)

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